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Krieg ist Leben Krieg ist Leben

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Love it

Playing the violin at night Playing the violin at night

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Cute :D
Reminds me of a poem i wrote once and for that I thank you.

"Lone musician.
Violin in hand.
At heart great ambition.
Beauty made on command."

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Oelbachtaucher responds:

Thank you and it's a really nice poem :)

Oink!!! Oink!!!

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Cam Cam

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Sir awsome

Again I love this.
Darkness, yet emotional...very filled/depth-ful.

I must pick your brain sometime.

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Dream Spawn Dream Spawn

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Love it

Darkness and dreamlike; beautiful.

Frustration Frustration

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I really like this, I can see the emotion.
The twist in the stance is beautiful!
(Looking through your work I simply love it. I can relate it to my own so well that it brings a smile to my face. I mean, I can put images to my poetry.)

Anyways it reminds me of a short diddle I did a bit decide I guess

Woes woe me into doomâEUTMs grasp:
cough, cough âEU" rasp.
IâEUTMm having a relapse:
forgoing all my time and energy
spent, devilâEUTMs relent; oâEUTM how they
tare apart at my core, as my eyes tear âEU"
body shakes: Why?
Leave me be cold spirits:
IâEUTMm free! free! Free! âEU" leave me be,
please; therein be gone with thee.
I need not such forms following meâEU"me;
me and all that I be! Forgive me mother,
father, I know not what I do.
Through and through I love thee; yet, still,
such devils find thrill âEU" or could it be,
not they, but IâEU"IâEU"me finding such lust
for temptress bust, black gold, false beauty:
my creed, in where it beâEU" gone; and I remain
cold, burnt, lost. For what? âEU" one last touch.


wolf man sketch wolf man sketch

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Quickly works

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Starforge Starforge

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This reminds me of a 1980's Sci-fi cover.
The colors are magnificant and the detail is interesting.
I love it. (This also inspires me to write something with this as the setting)
Thanks for making this.

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Kamikaye responds:

Haha thx , yea I like the covers of that time ,and the LP covers too :)